10 2008

PHP sucks, no wait it doesn’t , who cares!

By Steve | No Comments

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether PHP sucks or not, in fact its not a new debate at all.
A lot of people say it sucks, a lot of people say it rocks, so which side is right?

I personally DON’T CARE. The reason I use PHP is not because I’m an open source fan boy, or because I think Microsoft is the devil, no I use PHP because it does what I need it to. Yes there are flaws with it, the way the language is written is not consistent but who cares! All I need is to be able write, update and delete data from a database and to be able to display data from a database on a web page. Essentially that’s what all dynamic websites boil down to. Whether it’s a social network or an E-Commerce site, all that is required is data in and data out.

So bottom line is it comes down to personal preference and job you need to do. If you want to develop in, go for it! If you want to develop in Python, why not!? If you want to develop in PHP, what’s stopping you? The same can be said for any other language, irrespective of the environment it runs in. If it gets the job done, run with it.