1 2008

Never forget to read an article or blog again

By Steve | No Comments

If you use stumbleupon, you will know how brilliant it is. If you’ve never heard of it I’d recommend downloading the toolbar asap. There is so much content that you will find that you will not know what to do with all of it! And that becomes a problem. There is never enough time to go through all of it and if you start bookmarking each and every single page that you are interested in, your bookmarks become one big mess.

This is where instapaper comes in. It’s a simple little web application to store the links to interesting web pages you have come accross. It’s not a new concept but the way it’s delivered makes it an attractive alternative. The interface is simple, functional and clean and unlike most new Web 2.0 sites, your links are not shared with everyone, there is no need to create a huge profile for yourself, you dont even need to give a password when you sign up, which is something I haven’t seen much before but its really well done. It’s plain and simple and I love it.

When you put it together with stumble upon you have an unlimited amount of fresh content at your finger tips!